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Quarterly report to council

The Third Crossing project team presented project updates, including field investigations, construction works, Parks Canada Detailed Impact Assessment and project designs to Mayor and City Council on Dec. 3. You can view the full council report

City receives approval on the Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA) for the Third Crossing

The city has received approval on our environmental considerations for the Third Crossing project. The Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA) which analyzed the environmental considerations, impacts and the mitigation strategies for the bridge is anticipated to be posted on the City's engagement site on Friday.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the conversation during our 30-day engagement this past fall for the project's environmental considerations. A public engagement summary will be available on Friday which includes everything we heard through emails, comment cards and at our two open houses and how we responded.

Installation of a new temporary pedestrian sidewalk along John Counter Boulevard

A new temporary asphalt sidewalk has been installed north of John Counter Boulevard along the noise fence for access into and out of the west shore neighbourhoods, including Riverpark neighbourhood and Skyline Living apartments.  For more information about the temporary sidewalk read about it in Shore Work Construction page.

Noise fences: west and east shores 

  • The west shore noise fence is installed.
  • Crews are currently working on the east shore to install the noise fence along the back of the properties on Gore Rd. This work should be finalized by the end of December.

Update on the engagement for environmental considerations - Detailed Impact Assessment

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the conversation around the federal environmental assessment of the project, also known as the Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA).  The team has submitted all comments received through the 30-day engagement. Comments received through email, comment cards provided at the two open houses, verbal comments received at the open houses, all comments on the GetInvolved page as well as any phone conversations. Residents will be able to see the public engagement review on the project website as well as the City's Get Involved site in the next month.

Boards from September 25 and September 26 open houses

Closure of Gore Rd. and Point St. Mark Drive until 2023

Point St. Mark Dr. is anticipated to be closed for vehicle traffic starting August 6 and will remain closed for the duration of construction for the Third Crossing. Traffic signs will be installed at the corner of Gore Rd. and Hwy 15 and another sign will be installed at the corner of Point St. Mark Drive. Pedestrian access to the library and dog park will remain open throughout construction. The sidewalk on the southeast side of Gore Rd. will also remain open and accessible throughout construction.

We appreciate your patience as construction activities continue for the Third Crossing on both the east and west approaches. As work continues we want to ensure we have good communications with near neighbours. If at any time you would like to speak with a member of the project team, please email us at and a team member will be in touch.

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