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March 20 update: COVID-19

The City has been closely monitoring COVID-19 and the recommendations from our federal, provincial and local public health agencies. The safety and well-being of our public, City staff and every one the City works with is our top priority. We will continue to monitor the information released by public health partners and will continue to work with the contractors for all of our construction projects to adjust as appropriate. We will continue to monitor this evolving situation and are ready to implement further initiatives when required.

To safeguard the public, City staff and all contract and subcontract employees, the Third Crossing project team has made some work adjustments to allow people to work from home where possible and to encourage social distancing in our workplace and our work sites. Some further work adjustments have been made and are listed below. Read our latest e-newsletter for more information

  • Increased hand washing and sanitization protocols;
  • Limiting inter personnel interactions on site;
  • Non-essential deliveries are postponed;
  • Meetings are held by teleconference or video conference;
  • Any required on site meetings are held outdoors with personal separation;
  • Modified work schedules to limit unnecessary personnel interactions. 

Information report to council

On March 24, the project team provided City Council with a Third Crossing Information Report on the status of the project. The team will send information reports to council on a quarterly basis.

April look ahead

Over the last several months construction activity on the east shore has been steadily increasing as in-water work on the Third Crossing ramps up.  To keep you up-to-date a list of work activities for the month was provided in our recent e-newsletter. Some key activities include:

  • Building a temporary in-water access road called a temporary rock causeway - crews will be focussed closer to the west shore for this activity
  • Building a temporary trestle bridge on the east shore
  • Placing wildlife passages

New aerial footage

We have a new video showcasing construction work on the east and west shores and in-water work building the temporary rock causeway and the wildlife passages allowing aquatic animals to move up and down the Cataraqui River.

Launch of in-water construction

The project team is excited to launch the in-water construction through a ceremony with dignitaries, the Integrated Project Delivery team and the City. Read our latest e-newsletter to learn more.

Third Crossing team launches in-water construction

Final report on Third Crossing environmental considerations now available

We have posted the final report on environmental considerations for the Third Crossing project. The final ‘Detailed Impact Assessment' (DIA) report is the conclusion of the City's work with federal departments and agencies over the last year on the environmental components of the bridge.  Read more about the report on our Environmental Engagement page

The final DIA and a full public engagement summary on what was heard and how comments have been addressed are posted on the City's GetInvolved page.









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