Artist rendition of the bridge

Road Closures

Gore Road and Point St. Mark closure 

The Third Crossing project team has closed the west end of Gore Rd. for vehicle traffic and will remain closed for the duration of construction as we continue to build the Third Crossing.  Pedestrian access to the library and dog park will remain open throughout construction and the sidewalk on the southeast side of Gore Rd. will also remain open and accessible throughout construction. In an effort to safely protect the resident from the construction activities, the closure is required during the duration of the project. To provide you with a better understanding of some of the upcoming work activity associated with the road closure, please see below:

  • As part of our early works and to limit the number of trees being removed we are using some of the road for staging equipment which will eventually become a laydown area for construction material and a work area. This means early work is in progress now in order to use the road and create an access road down to the water when in-water construction begins.
  • Starting in early September trees were removed on the east side of the river and part of the closed off-road will be used.

Over the three years of construction, Gore Rd. and the area will be reconfigured to allow for the final reconfiguration of the road for bridge access.

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