Artist rendition of the bridge

Shore Work

Noise fences

Permanent noise fences were designed with higher acoustic attenuation quality than temporary construction barriers to protect surrounding residents from noise throughout construction. A noise fence has been installed on the west shore along the back of the houses north of John Counter Boulevard and a noise fence is currently being installed on the east shore for houses along Gore Avenue. Supplemental temporary noise barriers will also be installed in addition to the permanent noise barriers throughout construction.


Notification of installation of temporary pedestrian sidewalk north of John Counter Boulevard

A temporary asphalt sidewalk is being installed north of John Counter Boulevard for access into and out of the west shore neighbourhoods, including Riverpark neighbourhood and Skyline Living apartments. Installation should take about two days. The temporary sidewalk will follow the noise fence and then reach out to connect with Montreal Street. Please see attached for a draft image of where the sidewalk will be located. Residents are encouraged to use the sidewalk and to not walk along or cross John Counter Boulevard. The City does not allow or will not help residents cross the road illegally.

More information about the temporary sidewalk:

  • The temporary sidewalk will be installed using asphalt
  • The City's Public Works department will snow plow the sidewalk for resident use.
  • Signs will be installed at the John Counter Boulevard and Montreal Street intersection indicating the installation and encouraging residents to use the temporary sidewalk.
  • The temporary sidewalk will be in place until new permanent sidewalks are created along John Counter Boulevard – anticipating 2023

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