Artist rendition of the bridge

Shore Work

Noise fences

Permanent noise fences were designed with higher acoustic attenuation quality than temporary construction barriers to protect surrounding residents from noise throughout construction. A noise fence has been installed on the west shore along the back of the houses north of John Counter Boulevard and a noise fence is currently being installed on the east shore for houses along Gore Avenue. Supplemental temporary noise barriers will also be installed in addition to the permanent noise barriers throughout construction.

Notification of installation of temporary pedestrian sidewalk north of John Counter Boulevard

A temporary asphalt sidewalk is being installed north of John Counter Boulevard for access into and out of the west shore neighbourhoods, including Riverpark neighbourhood and Skyline Living apartments. Installation should take about two days. The temporary sidewalk will follow the noise fence and then reach out to connect with Montreal Street. Please see attached for a draft image of where the sidewalk will be located. Residents are encouraged to use the sidewalk and to not walk along or cross John Counter Boulevard. The City does not allow or will not help residents cross the road illegally.

More information about the temporary sidewalk:

  • The temporary sidewalk will be installed using asphalt
  • The City's Public Works department will snow plow the sidewalk for resident use.
  • Signs will be installed at the John Counter Boulevard and Montreal Street intersection indicating the installation and encouraging residents to use the temporary sidewalk.
  • The temporary sidewalk will be in place until new permanent sidewalks are created along John Counter Boulevard – anticipating 2023

Tree management plan

To determine the potential for adverse effects to Species at Risk and their habitat; the study area has been extensively investigated. Removal of some vegetation will be required during the construction of the project. To accommodate this vegetation and tree removal many measures have and will continue to be undertaken: surveys will be done in advance of excavation activities to assess for any sensitive vegetation and tree species, which if identified, will then be avoided or relocated to other suitable locations, as feasible and appropriate; the removal of shoreline vegetation will be minimized to the extent possible; the landscape improvement works will be seen as an opportunity for a degree of ecological restoration on the west side lands and ecological compensation on the east side lands; a Natural Heritage Protection and Enhancement Plan will be prepared and include detailed design measures related to wetland restoration, aquatic habitat enhancements  as well as stabilizing and rehabilitating the shoreline shallows.

The tree management plan considers the  use of cut trees by offering them to Indigenous nations as well as working with the past president of the Ontario Woodland Association to provide them with a limited number of trees. We have offered trees to several Indigenous nations and participated with one Indigenous nation who expressed interest in some trees. As part of the tree management plan, the project team has been able to reduce the impact area and number of trees to be removed to accommodate construction activity. Also as part of the tree restoration plan for every healthy tree taken down at least one, if not more, trees will be planted as compensation.  
With respect to permits for this work, we have already received approval from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (MNRF). Our environmental work with Parks Canada on the Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA) is related to in-water work associated with the bridge.

Closure of Point St. Mark Road

Point St. Mark Dr. is anticipated to be closed for vehicle traffic starting August 6 and will remain closed for the duration of construction for the Third Crossing. Traffic signs will be installed at the corner of Gore Rd. and Hwy 15 and another sign will be installed at the corner of Point St. Mark Drive. Pedestrian access to the library and dog park will remain open throughout construction. The sidewalk on the southeast side of Gore Rd. will also remain open and accessible throughout construction.

We appreciate your patience as construction activities continue for the Third Crossing on both the east and west approaches. As work continues we want to ensure we have good communications with near neighbours. If at any time you would like to speak with a member of the project team, please email us at and a team member will be in touch.

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