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Connecting Kingston over the Cataraqui River

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January construction activities

  • The team is excited to be out continuing work on both shores and in the water.  As near neighbours may have noticed, trucks have been delivering rock to the west shore as part of building the temporary rock causeway.

  • For a list of work happening in January, including building a rock causeway and a noise fence on the east side, find further information in 'About Construction'

Launch of in-water construction

The project team is excited to launch the in-water construction through a ceremony with dignitaries, the Integrated Project Delivery team and the City. Read our latest e-newsletter to learn more. Third Crossing team launches in-water construction



Final report on Third Crossing environmental considerations now available

We have posted the final report on environmental considerations for the Third Crossing project. The final ‘Detailed Impact Assessment' (DIA) report is the conclusion of the City's work with federal departments and agencies over the last year on the environmental components of the bridge.  Read more about the report on our Environmental Engagement page

The final DIA and a full public engagement summary on what was heard and how comments have been addressed are posted on the City's GetInvolved page.

Quarterly report to council

The Third Crossing project team presented project updates, including field investigations, construction works, Parks Canada Detailed Impact Assessment and project designs to Mayor and City Council on Dec. 3. You can view the full council report.

Installation of a new temporary pedestrian sidewalk along John Counter Boulevard

A new temporary asphalt sidewalk has been installed north of John Counter Boulevard along the noise fence for access into and out of the west shore neighbourhoods, including Riverpark neighbourhood and Skyline Living apartments.  For more information about the temporary sidewalk read about it in Shore Work Construction page.




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