Artist rendition of the bridge


Opportunities for engagement

Continued stakeholder and public engagement remains vital to the success of this project for the community. The City is planning meaningful communication and engagement programs to be part of the bridge's detailed design and construction. Engagement will touch on such items as:

  • minimizing construction-related impacts,
  • protecting the environment,
  • detailed design and aesthetics, and
  • integrating public art.

The City is currently informing and engaging stakeholders and the public as part of Phase 4 of the project's action plan. This includes providing social media updates, attending speaking engagements, providing project updates on the City's project webpage and more.

Stakeholder meetings

During the RFP stage, stakeholder follow-up meetings will be held to address topic-specific elements such as environmental protection; geotechnical investigations, property acquisitions and others to ensure that stakeholders remain informed and engaged. Once the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team is on board, the City will implement its various consultation programs and connect with those interested in and/or affected by the project.

More information on future engagement opportunities will be available after the City has awarded the project contract to its IPD team to ensure a collaborative planning approach. It is anticipated that the project team will be selected in late summer.

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