Artist rendition of the bridge

Current Engagement

Stakeholder and public communication and engagement remain critical to the City, to our residents and the success of this project. Until the design-build contract is awarded to the successful proponent team, City staff will continue with interim stakeholder meetings, council meetings and reports, and one-on-one community updates to provide look-ahead information.

Future engagement initiatives, to be planned in collaboration with the successful contractor, will include:

Engagement Opportunites infogrpahic

  • Consultation on the draft Detailed Impact Assessment (DIA) report will be scheduled with the approval of Parks Canada. They will make the draft report public once they are satisfied from a regulatory perspective. Once the City has been advised that Parks Canada has provided its approval to seek feedback on the draft DIA report, the project team will set the dates and details for this public consultation.
  • Consultation on Detailed Design of the bridge and east/west project areas will be scheduled in collaboration with the successful contractor. City staff anticipate providing information for this consultation in late fall 2018. 
  • Consultation to re-name the Third Crossing Bridge is also expected to begin in 2018. It will offer stakeholders and the public additional occasions to comment on the project. The project team anticipates having more information on this in late fall 2018.
  • Continued communication and engagement, as part of our community liaison program, is also underway in 2018 and will continue throughout the design and construction period. This on-the-ground initiative includes stakeholder meetings, one-on-one site meetings, public open houses, online updates and engagement, participation at public events and other outreach. Watch for invitations and advertising about meetings and events throughout 2018 and beyond.
  • Operations issues and opportunities will also be discussed with stakeholders and the public during the construction period. This will provide the opportunity for preliminary discussions about bridge operations, transit, and multi-modal transportation connectivity (such as for cyclists and pedestrians), and other operational elements.

Your opinion matters! Please stay in touch with our project team and sign up to receive project updates and become involved in this final phase of the project.