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Early work activity

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What's Happening

Four bat houses have been installed on the east shore

As part of our work with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, four bat houses were installed on April 30 on the east shore. The mix of standard and nursery bat houses were installed in the north side of the meadow on the Pittsburgh Library property. Another 18 bat houses are also planned to offset the removal of the 35 snag trees within the east approach. The location of these houses will be developed as part of the landscaping plans for the bridge and may also include other locations in Kingston. The bat houses are planned on a replacement ratio of 10 bat houses per hectare of impacted woodlands. Read more about the bat houses on our recent newsletter. Join our newsletter to get updates about the project.

Near neighbour meetings on noise wall

The project team held two ‘street meetings' with smaller groups of residents at the Pittsburgh Library to provide information on the noise wall along Gore Road and Point St. Mark. More information on the final options for the noise wall will be available in the coming months, and the team hopes to have the walls built in the fall in advance of active construction on the east shore.

Outreach with community organizations

The team continues to engage and respond to questions from residents and community groups as the project moves into construction. The team recently connected with the Kingston Field Naturalists to provide information on trees, bats and environmental considerations of the bridge.

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Early work continues and save the date for a near neighbour meeting

January 1, 2019: Early work and site preparation activity continues into 2019 in advance of the start of construction anticipated this summer. Leading up to construction more visible activity will be happening on the west and east shores. All work is conducted in accordance with City regulations and the regulatory requirements as part of the Parks Canada Detailed Impact Analysis (DIA)

As we get closer to the start of construction the project team is holding two near neighbour meetings to update you on the latest information. At the meetings the project team will be talking about:

  •  Laydown areas - what construction will look like in your neighbourhoods
  • Early work continuing into 2019 - what site work will be happening and when
  • Noise mitigation - early and long term options
  • Site safety - fencing the work area, on-site staff
  • Demolition of abandoned houses (west approach only)
  • Tree removal
  • Access to your neighbourhoods for vehicles and pedestrians

Dates and locations of the near neighbour meetings are below. These meetings are neighbourhood specific and the information at the meeting is related to the site activity and preparation happening on either shore.

Community meetings

  • West side: February 11: Kingston Community Health Centre, Homestead Room, 263 Weller Ave, presentation from city staff at 5:45p.m. followed by an informal Q&A until 7:00p.m.
  • East side: February 12: LaSalle Secondary School, Cafeteria 101, 773 Highway #15, presentation from city staff at 5:45p.m. followed by an informal Q&A until 7:00 p.m.

Early work Activity Locations

West Side – Early work site activity will occur in the west side of the bridge crossing on John Counter Boulevard east of Montreal Street to the Cataraqui River.

East Side - Early work site activity will occur in the east side of the bridge crossing from Gore Road west of Highway 15 to the Cataraqui River.
What's Next

Environmental considerations of the project
For the Third Crossing, it is necessary to satisfy the federal regulatory environmental requirements, along with the provincial and municipal requirements, in planning and implementing the new bridge both on land and in the Cataraqui River. The project team is continuing work with Parks Canada to satisfy requirements related to a Detailed Impact Analysis (DIA). The project team is planning and anticipating public engagement on the DIA, a comprehensive report submitted by the City to Parks Canada, in the next few months. Opportunities for continued stakeholder and public input will be provided as soon as those dates become available.
About The Third Crossing Bridge
Once completed, the new 1.2 km bridge will connect the east and west sides of Kingston over the Cataraqui River. The two-lane bridge will improve emergency services, increase active transportation through a multi-use pedestrian and bike pathway, create greater business connectivity and enhance the quality of life for the residents and visitors of Kingston. The bridge is jointly funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the City of Kingston.
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