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Early work activity

Learn more about the early work activity for 2018.

What's Happening

East side Work Notice: March 18, 2019

On March 18, 2019 an East Shore Work Notice was sent out to the east side listserv explaining work activity that will start the week of March 25, 2019 along Gore Road and near the Kingston  Frontenanc Public Library (Pittsburg Branch). If you would like to join the East or West side listserv. Please send an email to

West shore Work Notice for Skyline Living: March 18, 2019

Starting the week of March 25, 2019 work activity will be happening on the west shore.

What's to Come on the East and West Shores

Find out more about what you will start to see and hear on the project site.

Eary Work Findings From 2018

In the fall of 2018 the project team did some additional studies to inform the environmental and final design considerations for the bridge. Read about the findings from that work in 2018.

Latest near-neighbour presentations available now (February 11 & March 5)

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent near-neighbour meetings on February 11 (west approach) and March 5 (east approach) to hear the latest information about the project. We appreciate you taking the time to continue the conversation with us. These touch points are incredibly valuable for the project team and we look forward to your questions and comments as we get closer to the start of construction.
If you were unable to attend one of those meetings but want to know what we talked about please visit our project site and view the presentations, which are posted on our website now.

View monthly engagement report for January and February

For a full understanding of the communications and engagement that has been happening  view our engagement reports.

Design update

In August, Kiewit, Hatch and SYSTRA, were awarded the contract to build and finalize the detailed design. Over the past four months the Project Team, including the city, has been working hard to ensure the best possible bridge will be built. The City is a leader with this project as the Third Crossing is the first bridge in Canada to use an Integrated Project Delivery model. This model has many benefits the project team is already experiencing such as full collaboration on design and construction.

Keeping the project on time and on budget is a primary goal of the city. In collaboration with the contractor and designer some design changes have been made to ensure the bridge will be built within the budget of $180 million and be substantially completed by the end of 2022. The project team will bring all of the design changes to the public once a final design has been achieved, which is anticipated to happen in the next few months. Residents will have an opportunity to review and ask questions to the project team through near neighbour and open house meetings when the team is engaging the public on the environmental requirements for Parks Canada.

This rendering represents a draft concept still being refined. More images will be available once the final design has been complete.

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Early work continues and save the date for a near neighbour meeting

January 1, 2019: Early work and site preparation activity continues into 2019 in advance of the start of construction anticipated this summer. Leading up to construction more visible activity will be happening on the west and east shores. All work is conducted in accordance with City regulations and the regulatory requirements as part of the Parks Canada Detailed Impact Analysis (DIA)

As we get closer to the start of construction the project team is holding two near neighbour meetings to update you on the latest information. At the meetings the project team will be talking about:

  •  Laydown areas - what construction will look like in your neighbourhoods
  • Early work continuing into 2019 - what site work will be happening and when
  • Noise mitigation - early and long term options
  • Site safety - fencing the work area, on-site staff
  • Demolition of abandoned houses (west approach only)
  • Tree removal
  • Access to your neighbourhoods for vehicles and pedestrians

Dates and locations of the near neighbour meetings are below. These meetings are neighbourhood specific and the information at the meeting is related to the site activity and preparation happening on either shore.

Community meetings

  • West side: February 11: Kingston Community Health Centre, Homestead Room, 263 Weller Ave, presentation from city staff at 5:45p.m. followed by an informal Q&A until 7:00p.m.
  • East side: February 12: LaSalle Secondary School, Cafeteria 101, 773 Highway #15, presentation from city staff at 5:45p.m. followed by an informal Q&A until 7:00 p.m.

Early work Activity Locations

West Side – Early work site activity will occur in the west side of the bridge crossing on John Counter Boulevard east of Montreal Street to the Cataraqui River.

East Side - Early work site activity will occur in the east side of the bridge crossing from Gore Road west of Highway 15 to the Cataraqui River.
What's Next

Environmental considerations of the project
For the Third Crossing, it is necessary to satisfy the federal regulatory environmental requirements, along with the provincial and municipal requirements, in planning and implementing the new bridge both on land and in the Cataraqui River. The project team is continuing work with Parks Canada to satisfy requirements related to a Detailed Impact Analysis (DIA). The project team is planning and anticipating public engagement on the DIA, a comprehensive report submitted by the City to Parks Canada, in the next few months. Opportunities for continued stakeholder and public input will be provided as soon as those dates become available.
About The Third Crossing Bridge
Once completed, the new 1.2 km bridge will connect the east and west sides of Kingston over the Cataraqui River. The two-lane bridge will improve emergency services, increase active transportation through a multi-use pedestrian and bike pathway, create greater business connectivity and enhance the quality of life for the residents and visitors of Kingston. The bridge is jointly funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the City of Kingston.
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