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The following are links to news items about the Third Crossing project. Please note that the content that appears in these links has been produced by the media and other outlets and not the City of Kingston.

Third Crossing inches toward reality

No issue dominated city council’s attention in 2017 like the third crossing. More

Groundwork for Third Crossing could begin soon

Senior city staff are confident that federal funding for the third crossing will be announced in the coming months and they want to be ready if it does come. More

Kingston City staff confident federal funding for the third bridge crossing is coming

Kingston’s third bridge crossing may be moving one step closer to construction. More

City votes in favour of third crossing

The third crossing project took its second big step to reality when city council voted in favour of contributing the city’s $60 million share to the bridge project. More

Ontario Investing in Third Crossing Project in Kingston

Province Improving Commutes and Building a Strong Economy with New Bridge More
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