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Integrated Project Delivery Model

To deliver this project on time, on budget and as part of the Third Crossing Business Plan's recommendation, the City has chosen an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model. In this model the budget of $180M is set and the city, contractor and designer work together to deliver the project within that budget. Together all partners share the risk and reward to deliver the best possible project.

IPD modelThe City is the first in Canada to use an Integrated Project Delivery model for building a bridge.

An IPD model has proven to be effective in achieving mutual goals between an IPD team (contractor, designer) and an owner for infrastructure projects, such as sharing the responsibility and the cost-sharing benefits through a more robust collaborative approach. The IPD Team and the city set goals together at the project's outset, they share information and accept their respective responsibilities as equals. They share the financial risk and rewards as an integrated team all working together in one ‘big room' concept to keep costs low and deliver best-in-class projects on-time.

Based on the city's review of procurement alternatives and benefits during the business case phase, the innovation of an IPD model stood above other options because it allows for the technical validation, detailed and final design, and construction to be seamlessly wrapped into one project model using a less adversarial contract and delivery approach. This proven-effective collaborative IPD model allowed other government projects to provide its communities with more efficient infrastructure delivery overall.

The city will also become one of the Canadian front-runners adopting the successful IPD model based on proven success on other infrastructure projects in North America.

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